Never Buy, Lease, Or Rent Office Equipment Again

Get copiers, printers, and scanners in your office, pay only for the pages you print.

No capital investment. No unexpected costs. No risk.

Here's how it works

Our equipment. Your Office.

We analyze your needs to determine the optimal, most cost effective equipment for the job, saving you time while eliminating any risk of selecting the wrong equipment.

Only pay for what you use

Stop sinking capital into office equipment and free up your balance sheet. You simply pay for each page you print.

We foot the bill for breakages

With pay-per-use, we own the equipment. If it breaks*, it’s on us to replace it. No risk to you.

You don't pay if it doesn't work

Unwanted downtime hurts us as much as it hurts you, so rest assured that we’ll keep your equipment running and functioning in peak condition.

We save you money

Most customers enjoy a sizable reduction to their total printing costs. Talk to us today to learn exactly just how much you can save.


The money we save with FlamePoint allows us to spend more on other things that are more critical... better hardware and computers, or even just quality people. We've opened a few offices since coming onboard with FlamePoint, so those savings are huge for us.

José Moran, Director of IT

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