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Your Success Is Our Success

At Flame Point, our customers are more to us than just dollars and decimals. They are partners in our success, and we are partners in theirs. That’s why we strive every day to provide office solutions that help them…

  • Maximize the output and productivity of their offices
  • Reduce overhead and unnecessary costs
  • Maintain a healthy cash flow
  • Free up capital to invest in strategic initiatives
  • Have peace of mind knowing that their copier needs are covered

We value honesty, partnership, and doing the right thing over making sales. If we don’t believe that our product or services are the best solution for your business, we’ll happily make recommendations and point you elsewhere rather than selling you something you don’t need.

“The honest approach isn’t always the most popular or profitable approach. But it’s always the best.”

Bill Ross, CEO

If You’re Looking For True Honest Advice, You’ll Get It Here

Unlike most copier dealerships, FlamePoint Office Automation is not affiliated with any copier or office equipment manufacturer. Not only does that mean we can provide any make or model your business could need, but more importantly it means we are under no contractual obligation to meet OEM sales quotas.

We don’t need to paint a rosy picture of this machine or that machine, because to us, it doesn’t make a difference which machine you buy. The only thing that matters is that it’s the right machine for the job, and that you remain a happy satisfied customer for years to come.

Having been in business for over 10 years and served thousands of customers, you can rest assured knowing that our recommendations are honest, unbiased, and driven 100% by the needs of your business.

These Are The Values We Follow Every Day


Strive for perfection day-in, day out. Never stop learning and improving.


Take a unique approach to solving problems. Always look for better ways to do things.


Do right by others. Go out of your way to help them succeed.

Ready To Buy Or Lease A Copier?

We’ll happily help you determine the best copier solution for your business – even if you don’t buy from us. Give us a shout for a quick, no-hassle consultation. We promise it’ll be worth your time.

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