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5 Simple Tips To Maximize The Lifetime Of Your Copiers

Copiers are expensive.

And if we’re being honest, no one likes spending their company’s hard-earned revenues on them.

On average, a brand new copier rated for 20,000 pages monthly costs roughly $25,000. Certainly no small chunk of change! And as if that wasn’t expensive enough, the prevailing mentality in the industry is that you need to replace these copiers with a brand new one every 3 to 5 years.

But what if we told you this mentality isn’t true?

Although office copiers are rated by their manufacturers to print around 1.2 million copies over their lifetimes, many copier dealers will claim that they begin to go bad long before this. Having been remanufacturing and servicing copiers for over 10 years, we at FlamePoint have found that this simply isn’t the case.

With the right maintenance and care, we’ve seen machines run as high as 1.6 million copies – over 4x as long as many copier vendors would have you believe. Getting this kind of mileage out of your machines does require a little extra care, but it could also add millions of dollars to your bottom line over the long run.

So, the multi-million dollar question: how do you extract the maximum value from your copiers over their useful lifetime? Read on to find out.

1. Make Sure It’s The Right Copier For The Job

The first step is making sure you get a machine that can handle the volume your company requires.

Most copiers are rated for specific monthly or yearly print volumes. Consistently exceeding these volumes can put undue strain on the machine and result in catastrophic failures.

Be sure to analyze your company’s printing needs and purchase the appropriate machine for the job. If your company’s print needs change, consider upgrading your machine or purchasing another. Overworking a lower-end machine to save on up-front costs will only cost you more in the long run.

2. Partner With A Trustworthy Service & Maintenance Company

Copiers are extremely sophisticated pieces of technology, and like any complex system, there are a lot of things that can go wrong. Like cars, copiers need to be properly inspected and maintained at regular intervals to avoid breakdowns.

Parts like drums and rollers wear out over time and need to be replaced. Neglecting to do so can result in damage to critical components of the machine, which can lead to costly repairs and oftentimes an early end to the machine’s useful lifetime.

And if that happens, the machine will only be good for one thing: stress relief.

Office Space Destroy Copier.gif

3. Use Toner & Consumables From A Reputable Source

We cannot emphasize this point enough – be careful who you buy your toner from!

Bad toner is made from cheap materials that oftentimes don’t meet manufacturer spec. When these toner units are put under stress, many times they will break, causing irreparable harm to the inner workings of your machine. We’ve had several customers over the years get burned by aftermarket toner companies and have to replace their machines.

If you’re going to purchase aftermarket toner, we strongly advise you to do so from a reputable vendor.

4. Place Your Machine In A Smart Location

When the manufacturer rates the expected lifetime of their machines, they do so by testing the machines in an environment where they can control factors such as humidity, dust, and changing temperatures. These forms of exposure and more can negatively impact the useful lifetime of your machines.

Be sure to place your machines low-traffic areas of the office away from doors, windows, air conditioners, and other places where they may be more exposed to the elements.

5. Don’t Abuse The Copier

Although this should go without saying, it’s not uncommon to see instances where copiers are abused by frustrated end users.

Office Space Paper Jam.gif

There’s no denying that paper jams and other frustrating problems do arise from time to time. If ever in doubt, feel free to give us a call for advice as to how to fix the issue without causing any damage to the machine. Oftentimes, these issues can be quickly resolved over the phone, saving you the cost of a service call.

Maximizing the useful lifetime of your machines can save your company millions in the long run. Follow these simple tips to keep your machines running as if they were brand new. It could just give you that edge needed to get ahead of your competition.

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